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Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 9.23.37 PMStudio DIY is a  blog that speaks of fun and how to decorate with it!

Quirky blog Studio DIY has become a favourite  among thousands of  DIY’ers around the world. From lipstick piñatas to donut-shaped balloons, Studio DIY has a distinct and recognizable style! Owner & founder Kelly Mindell  positioned Studio DIY as colourful & playful do-it yourself  theme-party blog and brand.


Mindell created strong brand awareness that worked! Her designs are easily recognized by DIY enthusiasts.  Mindell credits her success to strong brand development,“I put out quality, consistent content that stuck to a strict style. That developed a strong brand. A brand that sponsors could trust, and that they knew what they were getting, and a brand that people could recognize” (W.Karen 2014). Studio DIY’s emphasis on strong brand image was strictly enforced through all media channels especially on Instagram

“Now, I run a tight ship (for myself) when it comes to what I put out on the blog or on social media, and I think that’s what has made my brand so recognizable”. Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 8.31.35 PM(photos courtesy of Studio DIY)

Producing quality content helped Studio DIY catch  Instagram’s attention. Instagram featured Studio DIY on their favourites page which helped gain more than 30k followers. Today Studio DIY has over 114k Instagram followers,  32K on Pinterest, 15k likes on Facebook and 6k Twitter followers. Instagram is the biggest social media tool for the Studio DIY brand and helps the company promote its strong brand image.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 10.46.40 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-31 at 9.44.31 PM

(photos courtesy of Studio DIY)

Due to the nature of the do-it yourself industry, brand engagement is important element to the Studio DIY market positioning. Below, Lanza comments on how engagement with followers is important to herself and Studio DIY.

“I could share a single moment, but what I actually have found to be the most exciting, validating and humbling thing is seeing more and more people actually make my DIYs… and share them with me! Seeing people throw Studio DIY crafting parties or make one of my projects with their kids, it makes my day. My week! My life! No amount of money or big features can match that

This past halloweenStudio DIY created a  clever interactive  brand engagement, by asking social media followers to post photographs of themselves wearing their own creations of Studio DIY’s costumes using #studiodiyincostume. Studio DIY’s costumes are a favourite in the community and are often duplicated and well shared. Many of Mindell’s costumes ideas appeared on various blogs and news-posts. In order to support their fans, Studio DIY showcased their favourite replicas on the blog. Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 11.14.45 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-31 at 9.02.05 PM

(who’s that girl on the bottom left corner??? Ummmmmmmmmm?) 

(photos courtesy of Studio DIY)

By creating distinct branding and engagement through social media, Studio DIY enhanced their market positioning in the mist of thousands of DIY blogs. Studio DIY  fails to impress its followers nor its admires.

And I can say I’m a little jealous………………..

Watch a youtube video of Kelly Lanza and Studio DIY!







This blog post was created for MTKG 1552

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One thought on “Studio DIY

  1. I love these photos! (Yes, who is that in the bottom left corner??? *wink, wink*) With DIY being such a visual activity, Studio DIY chose well with capitalizing on Instagram. The Halloween costume selfies promotion works because DIYers, being creators, are always more than happy to showcase the work they produce. Pinterest also brings them a good following mainly because of its “sharing” nature as a social medium. It’s the community where people go to learn or teach a new craft, which makes it an excellent choice for a DIY brand.

    Great read, Melinda! Looking forward to the next one.

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