DIY and Blogs……

The world of DIY has deep roots in blogging. Blogging is the vehicle in which drives DIY’s from your computer screen to your kitchen table. The relationship between the two is an important factor to its rise in popularity in this niche market. Popular websites like better Home and Garden have their own DIY blog section.   Here are four key reasons why blogging is so important to DIY’ers.

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1. Sharing is Caring……

I know I have said this before, but the true element of do-it yourself project blogs is the idea of SHARING IDEAS. Knowledge is power. Blogs offer free platforms in which writers can create and share ideas with their followers and the world. Their reach potential is huge and DIY bloggers are proven to be very successful at creating strong fan bases, whom love their ideas! As long as blogs are still around, so will DIY bloggers!

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2. Engagement with glue…..

DIY blogs are different from other blogs. Rather than just reading about the latest mishap or fashion trend, DIY blogs are looked by readers looking to create their next project. Engagement begins with the search. The latest project might be a hit or miss, it really is up to the fans that seek content. In addition,  the tight-knit group of DIY bloggers have  a supportive community that shares each others ideas. Bloggers supporting bloggers = trusted community.  Since readers trust blogger’s advice, these searches are going to only continue and DIY blogs will only pop up with more creative ideas.

3. SEO’s are in love with DIY Blogs ❤

Search Engines  loves fresh and current content and DIY blogs. DIY’ers are always crafting, creating fresh and creative ideas for their followers and search engines are in love with their crisp content. Don’t believe me? Just google it!

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4. Relationships matter…..

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. What better way to compliment your readers than by creating fun, easy do-it yourself objects that your readers can create at home.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 11.05.36 PM

So whatever your project your little heart desires a DIY blog will be out there to inspire you! Be Creative!

And remember sharing is caring……  leave comment below and share us with your friends:)


3 thoughts on “DIY and Blogs……

  1. Your layout is fantastic and it’s clear that your a die hard DIY’er yourself – great design! I like that you linked the importance of blogging to the DIY industry itself. You’re right and there aren’t too many industries that have flourished strictly because of blogs. It was great to learn with you Melinda! Hopefully I’ll see you in more classes.


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