sharing is more than caring… the DIY movement


noun: do-it-yourself; adjective: do-it-yourself; adjective: DIY
  1. (of work, especially building, painting, or decorating) done or to be done by an amateur at home.
    “easy-to-use materials and do-it-yourself kits for plumbing fittings”

DIY has taken off in a big way! Call it a result of the recession or a movement born from the late nights at the Stitch ‘n B*tch.  Thanks to the internet there is a blogspot for your do-it-yourself projects. The possibilities are endless!  DIY enthusiasts rejoice over the endless t-shirt making tutorials and paper-mache projects that are right at their fingertips. SHARED, CARED AND FREE!  the DIY bloggers have it all covered in their fun and colourful tutorials. The list goes on and on. The DIY movement or ‘craft-mania’ is here it STAY! or at least for awhile.

and I absolutely  LOVE IT!  

That is why I have created this blog! I want to showcase inspiring  DIY bloggers! you’ll be inspired and you’ll understand why I am so jealous!!



il_340x270.426024711_f64qremember sharing is caring, share this page………………………..

(One might say that  the DIY movement inspired architects to use shipping containers as homes ……just sayin)